Virtual 5K
2020 AHRI Virtual Leadership Forum
Date: November 16 — 18, 2020
Location: Virtual

Join your colleagues, AHRI staff, and fellow runners and walkers for the first AHRI Virtual 5K Run/Walk to benefit the Rees Scholarship Foundation. Normally, you would wake up at the crack of dawn to participate, but this year, because it’s virtual, you can participate at a time that’s convenient for you during the official dates of the meeting!

Register for the 5K during the registration process. Be sure to include your t-shirt size and mailing address, as we will be mailing a t-shirt and race medal to you in advance of the meeting. Visit the 5K session page on Pathable to download a playlist of songs that your favorite AHRI staff members love to run to! After you complete your run, during our official meeting dates, be sure to enter your time on the 5K session page; the fastest male and female will be awarded a prize!

Upload a picture of yourself before, during, or after your run/walk and tag @ahriconnect and #runningforrees on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for your picture to be posted on our social wall, and that’s it!  No yawning, no awkward stretching exercises with your colleagues, and no racing to get showered before breakfast!

The $35 participation fee includes a $20 donation to the Foundation and an AHRI 5K Fun Run t-shirt and race medal. Each participant will receive a receipt of contribution for tax purposes. Simply select the “AHRI Rees Scholarship Foundation Virtual 5K Fun Run/Walk” session when you register.  

In order to receive your t-shirt and race medal in time for the meeting, please ensure you register by November 2. 

AHRI Waiver and Disclaimer Release of Liability

Participation in the AHRI REES SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION VIRTUAL 5K RUN/WALK is organized as a virtual run/walk on your own, at a date and time of your choosing between November 16-18, 2020, in a location and running route of your choice, which will not have any support or security measures in place by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) and is a potentially hazardous activity. You acknowledge that you are participating in the AHRI REES SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION VIRTUAL 5K RUN/WALK by your own free will and at your own personal risk. AHRI Is not responsible for any injuries or deaths.  You must have medical clearance from your doctor before you engage in this event and are properly trained before participating in this event.  You agree to abide by the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendations for the prevention of the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and other communicable diseases. When you participate in the AHRI REES SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION VIRTUAL 5K RUN/WALK, you accept responsibility for all your injuries, illnesses, and mishaps.  You waive and release AHRI, its officers, employees from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of your participation in the AHRI REES SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION VIRTUAL 5K RUN/WALK.

You grant permission to AHRI to use your photographs in connection with the AHRI REES SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION VIRTUAL 5K RUN/WALK for AHRI legitimate purpose.


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